About Us

Let's be honest - ski apparel companies are in the business to make money.  That is all well and good, but it also affects everything that they do; sometimes cutting corners for extra profit margin, selling you on marketing hype to make you feel like it is better than it is, or trying to convince you that since someone famous is wearing that brand, you really need to as well.  You're buying a product, but you're also paying for all the advertising, promotion, and the fat salary of the CEO. 


At Knoble, we have a different mindset.  Knoble is a project to make ski apparel that is among the best in the world and to help make the world better.  That is it.  We sell the goods at a low cost to spread stoke and raise awareness of important humanitarian issues.  Join the cause by repping the Knoble line, spreading the word on social media, or maybe you even have some talent that you'd like to volunteer.